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    Teachers' Associations in Russia

English Language Teachers’ Associations unite future and current teachers, secondary and university instructors, and policy makers and practitioners. They are created to help teachers stay up-to-date on trends in the field, share information with their colleagues, learn about and create relevant materials, and have a voice in education policy. Largely a volunteer effort, associations grow through the hard work and dedication of a “family” of teachers. To learn more about English language teachers’ associations in Russia, visit the site made for associations, by associations: http://www.eltrussia.ru. To become an active player in an association, correspond with association members around Russia, or communicate with other teachers who share a particular interest, such as ESP, teaching young learners, or assessment, join http://www.elt-russia.ning.com.

The English Language Office collects information from associations and distributes information to associations through an “Umbrella Newsletter”. In short, it is a way through which English language instructors can stay in contact via email. For more information, write to moscowelo@state.gov. The ELO also works closely with one selected association in Russia every year to host an “Umbrella Conference”. The conference brings together representatives of the most active associations, of the English Access Microscholarship Program, and of other ongoing programs and projects. The participants share accomplishments, discuss key issues in the field of English language teaching in Russia and make plans for the coming year.


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  Svetlana Ter-Minasova
Professor, Lomonosov MSU, Dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, NATE President

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  Galina Lovtsevich
Professor, Institute of Foreign Languages, Far Eastern National University, President of FEELTA


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