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English Language Fellows and Specialists, co-sponsored through the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Embassy Moscow and Russian host institutions, have long been a part of teacher association activities in Russia. The cadre of Senior English Language Fellows in Russia is able to provide input on a wide range of English Language Teaching issues, including current methodology, curriculum development, materials development and assessment issues.

Fellows are associated with a host institution for one to two academic years and conduct programming activities in a large number of cities in their regions. Specialists are invited to Russia for two to three weeks to address specific issues in the field. Recent Specialist tours have focused on Assessment, Teaching English to Teens, and Principles of Student-Centered Instruction. Teachers’ Associations can request the support of an English Language Fellow or Specialist for professional development events, for consultations, or for support of a specific project or program by using the request form below.


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  Carolyne Graham
ELT Specialist
Using Jazz Chants and Poetry in Teaching English
  Carolyn Graham is the "mother" of jazz chants. These are short sentences or poems that are chanted or sung to a specific beat or rhythm. Her presentations and workshops contain very useful content and also have a theatrical flair.

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  Charles Hall
Ph.D., dr.h.c. University of Memphis, Department of English, Applied Linguistics and EFL/ESL
Debra S. Lee
E-Instructor, Georgetown CLE/Lex Mercator President, English Language Concepts, Inc.
Teaching Legal English
  Debra Lee and Charles Hall presented a four-day workshop at Saratov Law Academy on how to teach Legal English. Here is the first part of their workshop.

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  Vino Reardon
Senior English Language Fellow, Research Associate at the University of Kansas
Assessment and Testing
  Vino Reardon specializes in the area of testing and assessment. Her presentations are always very interesting and have attracted great attention in Russia.
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